ikosom auf der Berlin Music Week – New Money Flows in the Music Industry

Logo Berlin Music Weekikosom wird durch Karin Blenskens heute auf der Berlin Music Week vertreten sein, in einem Panel zu Finanzströmen in der Musikindustrie. Los geht es am 6.9. um 15 Uhr.

Does the music industry system today need to encompass so much more than in the good old days of Popkomm? Are other players more relevant in the business than the industrial music complex? If, for example, a music-tech start-up, which offers its services to the classical music industry, receives millions of euros in capital, then real money is flowing into the music industry. Who does it belong to, and who decides which fields will receive investment? How does the money flow? Are there gaps? Will this work over the long term and, if yes, for whom? We are especially interested in the new, non-traditional players active on the music market. What are the latest forms of financing and who really profits from them? Where is the money coming from outside of the music industry? How does the added value of musicians come into play? Are there drawbacks? To what extent will this change the existing commercial practices and networks?

Hier die Panelteilnehmer:

  • Karin Blenskens / IKOSOM Institut für Kommunikation in sozialen Medien
  • Katja Lucker / Musicboard
  • Sandra Passaro (Moderation) / Founder and Owner of Stars & Heroes, international PR Agency
  • Benjamin Ruth / Benjamin Ruth is publisher and CEO of VICE Germany
  • Wolfgang Seibold / Partner Earlybird