What are the costs of living offline?

I know a family at my child’s school that does not have a computer at home. So the family decided not to use emails and not accessing the internet. But what are the cost of living without email and without internet?

Internet and email communication have so deeply been integrated in modern life, that it is very difficult to even imagine how to be able to do even basic stuff without the internet. Just a quick brainstorming on what is really difficult without the internet:

  • Banking: traditional banking costs more than online banking.
  • Travelling: going to a traditional travel agency takes more time than searching online.
  • Communication: Having to use traditional mail costs more and takes more time than email.

Probably, for all these activities, offline alternatives still exist. But I wonder if there are activities that are simpl not possible offline anymore?

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  • Concerning offline options: In October 2017, I asked for a hotel recommendation at a filling station in Wolfsburg. Within 3 minutes, I had two recommendations from two friendly customers. One of them turned out to be a good one (in Fallersleben near Wolfsburg), so I called the hotel and reserved a room. If I had been online, the procedure would have lasted longer and I would probably never had got to know the home town of the famous Hoffmann von Fallersleben!! Basic but precious stuff!

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