From Academic to Entrepreneur – using the Lean-Startup-Technology to create something out of your wildest idea

Observers House and the Radcliffe Observatory from the McAlpine Quad, Green Templeton College, Oxford. Photo by cwawebber. Licensed unter CC BY-SA 3.0

On July 17th at 6 pm, I have the honour to talk about the secret to creating a start-up as a scientist. The talk is at the Green Templeton College at Oxford University. GTC, as it is called locally, is known for bringing together people with some really wild ideas and I am very thankful to be invited there. I want to encourage the young scientists to think beyond the obvious path in academics – PhD, Post-Grad, Professor:

Before graduation, many academics are thinking about their next career step. For people in technology classes, such as IT or Engineering, starting a company is often quite easy, but how about if you are a student of social science or political science, you might wonder if creating a startup is really that easy. But if you have a great idea, and maybe already a few friends that share your idea, it is actually not too difficult: with crowdfunding and the lean-startup-method it is possible to make a start with your project without burning too many ressources.

I think I will talk heavily about OpenScience as a mind-frame and a method, also about crowdfunding, but most importantly how it feels like to be an academic entrepreneur.

The event is mainly aimed at students from Green Templeton College, but all other attendees are welcome as well. Just drop us a quick note if you are interested.

Veränderungen in der Nutzung von Social Networks in UK

Auf dem Social Media World Forum in London, das Mitte März stattfand, gab es die Möglichkeit, sich in Workshops näher mit einzelnen Themen zu befassen.

Toby Beresford, von Nudge Social Media, schöpfte dabei aus seiner sehr umfangreichen Kenntnis von Social Media Kampagnen, die seine Agentur für überwiegend kommerzielle Klienten konzipiert und umgesetzt war. (Seine Folien sind unten in diesen Post eingebunden.)

Drei Folien sind aber besonders bemerkenswert, welche die veränderte Internetnutzung im Vereinigten Königreich abbilden. Grundlage sind die Comscore Reports von 2008 bis 2010. Continue reading „Veränderungen in der Nutzung von Social Networks in UK“