Survey on Crowdfunding Regulation in Europe

Together with David Roethler, we are conducting a study about crowd-funding schemes in the cultural and creative industries sector in Europe on behalf of the European Expert Network on Culture (EENC), a network set-up by the European Commission.

The study shall provide recommendations concerning the potential regulation of crowd-funding schemes at the European and the national level. In particular, we are interested in crowdfunding with financial rewards, such as through micro-investments or micro-credits.

If you want to contribute to the study, please answer our survey at The deadline for responses is 22nd of August.

Issues that we want to address are:

  • Legal status of crowdfunding platforms
  • Legal status of crowdfunding investors
  • Cross-border access to crowdfunding
  • Application of financial markets regulation towards crowdfunding
  • Policy recommendations for regulation

From the people participating in the survey, we will compile a list of crowdfunding experts in Europe. If you answer our survey, please include a little bit of a background so we can contact you again for the crowdfunding expert list before publishing it.

We will also contribute to a crowdsourced matrix on business crowdfunding at Feel free to add information there. There also similar tables on Alternative Money Schemes and Crowdfunding for creative purposes.

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