“Crowdfunding and Crossborder Fundraising” Workshop in Dresden, November 6th-7th 2017

The workshop is part of an Erasmus+ Project “CSOs online”. CSOs are Civil Society Organisations, such as Non-Profit Organisations and Non-Governmental Organisations. “CSOs online” is a project for the development of nonprofit sector workers’ digital skills, especially in the field of online communication and fundraising, based on the exchange of experience, innovative practices and know-how in the frame of transnational partner meetings.



Since 1994, Nonprofit Information and Training Centre (NIOK) Foundation has been working on strengthening civil society in Hungary by providing support and capacity building services to CSOs, facilitating dialogue on civil society issues, while enhancing the non-profit sector links to decision makers and donors.

Czech Fundraising Center

​The Czech Fundraising Center is a leading non-profit in resource mobilization and civil society leadership development serving the CEE region and other countries in transition.

Association for Community Relations

Association for Community Relations (Asociatia pentru Relatii Comunitare, in Romanian, ARC) was established in 2001 and has at first served NGOs interested in fundraising from individuals and companies and for profit organizations interested in giving resources for social change.

​Good Network Foundation

The Good Network Foundation (GNF) was founded in 2009 by the Academy for the Development of Philanthropy in Poland, one of the most experienced non-governmental organization in Poland.



The Institute for Communication in Social Media (ikosom) investigates the use of social media in Germany and in Europe. It is a privately owned research institute which partners with public sector organisations, NGOs, foundations and universities.




The workshop language is English.


The workshop will take place at Riesa Efau – a cultural center in Dresden. ikosom has chosen Dresden to as the place for this workshop because of its long tradition as a center of liberalism, multiculturalism and cross-border networks.

Riesa Efau is a cultural center in the heart of Dresden. It offers artists and creatives the possibility to display their works and it interacts with the community around the venue through workshops and events.


Media Partner – Fundraiser Magazin

The  Fundraiser Magazin is the leading German Publication in the field of Fundraising, both offline and online. The Fundraiser-Magazin was created in 2006 by Matthias Daberstiel, Daniela Münster and Udo Lehner.


Network Partner – Kreatives Sachsen

Kreatives Sachsen – the Center for Cultural and Creative Industries Saxony improves the conditions for successful creative work. It provides consulting and support to companies, freelancers, institutions, associations, networks and municipalities.



Monday, 6th November 2017:

10:00: Welcome and Introduction

10.15: Update on Project Progress (Niok)

10:30: Donation-based Platforms in Germany

10:50: Donation-based Platforms in Poland

11:10: Donation-based Platforms in Czech Republic

11:30: Coffee Break

11:45: Donation-based Platforms in Hungary

12:15: Donation-based Platforms in Romania

12:45: Summary

13:00 Lunch Break

14:30: Crowdfunding Campaign Best Practices: Germany

15:00: Crowdfunding Campaign Best Practices: Poland

15:30: Coffee Break

15:45: Crowdfunding Campaign Best Practices: Hungary

16:15: Summary

Tuesday, 7th November 2017

10:00: Welcome

10:15: Crowdfunding Campaign Best Practices in the Czech Republic

10:45: Cross-Border Fundraising in Romania

11:15: Coffee Break

11:30: Summary of Best Practices

12:00: Discussion: How much of Fundraising is Cross-Border?

12:30: Lunch Break

13:30: CSOS Fundraising Guide Book – Working on the Structure and Content

14:30: Conclusion and Wrap-Up

15:00: Workshop ends